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Guru's Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 Deluxe Version (3LP)



Presented for the first time as a deluxe, 3LP vinyl set, Guru's Jazmatazz Vol. 1 celebrates its 25th anniversary with this opulent new edition of the classic album. This unique deluxe edition includes three LPs and a beautiful glossy booklet, featuring photos by Thierry Le Goués. With instrumentals and rare remixes and B-Sides, this is the ultimate way to celebrate a visionary project that changed the music world 25 years ago. The deluxe edition of Guru's Jazmatazz Vol. 1 includes the original album, instrumentals, and rare remixes and B-sides.


LP #1
A1. "Introduction"
A2. "Loungin’" (feat. Donald Byrd)
A3. "When You're Near" (featuring N’Dea Davenport and Simon Law)
A4. "Transit Ride" (featuring Branford Marsalis and Zachary Breaux)
A5. "No Time To Play" (featuring Ronny Jordan and DC Lee)
A6. "Down The Backstreets" (featuring Lonnie Liston Smith)

B1. "Respectful Dedications"
B2. "Take A Look" (At Yourself) (featuring Roy Ayers)
B3. "Trust Me" (featuring N’Dea Davenport)
B4. "Slicker Than Most" (featuring Gary Barnacle)
B5. "Le Bien, Le Mal" (featuring MC Solaar)
B6. "Sights In The City" (featuring Courtney Pine, Carleen Anderson and Simon Law)

LP #2
A1. "Loungin’" (Instrumental)
A2. "When You're Near" (featuring Simon Law) (Instrumental)
A3. "Transit Ride" (featuring Zachary Breaux) (Instrumental)
A4. "No Time To Play" (featuring Ronny Jordan) (Instrumental)
A5. "Down The Backstreets" (featuring Lonnie Liston Smith) (Instrumental)

B1. "Take A Look" (At Yourself) (featuring Roy Ayers) (Instrumental)
B2. "Trust Me" (Instrumental)
B3. "Slicker Than Most" (Instrumental)
B4. "Le Bien, Le Mal" (Instrumental)
B5. "Sights In The City" (Instrumental)

LP #3
A1. "Loungin'" (Square Biz Mix)
A2. "Loungin'" (Guru Meets The Professor Mix) (featuring Donald Byrd)
A3. "Loungin'" (Jazz Not Jazz Mix) (featuring Donald Byrd)
A4. "No Time To Play" (CJ's Longer Radio Mix) (featuring Ronny Jordan and DC Lee)

B1. "Trust Me Trust Me" (CJ's Master Mix) (featuring N’Dea Davenport)
B2. "Season For Change" (Ronny Jordan featuring Guru)
B3. "Season For Change" (Dawn Of The Season Mix) (Ronny Jordan featuring Guru)

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