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  • N*E*R*D, Fly or Die (Limited Edition) 2LP
  • N*E*R*D, Fly or Die (Limited Edition) 2LP

N*E*R*D, Fly or Die (Limited Edition) 2LP


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Fly or Die, N*E*R*D’s follow-up to 2002’s In Search Of, juxtaposed hip-hop with rock influences but this time around, the group learned to play the instruments on each record in order to perform them live. With tracks like the Good Charlotte collaboration “Jump,” “She Wants To Move,” and “Maybe,” the 12-track album found Pharrell making music from the perspective of a kid with an angel—and devil—sitting on its shoulders. "It's all over the place but with a little more direction," Hugo told MTV News around its release. "Even in the songwriting, Pharrell wrote songs with more issues involved, more storytelling." Fly or Die focuses in on adolescent issues like puppy love ("Backseat Love”), bullying ("Thrasher"), and rebellion ("Drill Sergeant”), among other things, but through the lens of the inimitable trio of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay. In celebration of its 15th anniversary, N*E*R*D’s Fly or Die is now available on limited edition 2LP red vinyl.


A1. "Don't Worry About It"
A2. "Fly Or Die"
A3. "Jump"
A4. "Backseat Love"

B1. "She Wants To Move"
B2. "Breakout"
B3. "Wonderful Place/Waiting For You"

C1. "Drill Sergeant/Preservation"
C2. "Thrasher"
C3. "Maybe"
D1. "The Way She Dances"
D2. "Chariot Of Fire/Find My Way"