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Public Enemy, Fear Of A Black Planet (LP, 3D Lenticular Cover)

Public Enemy

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The deluxe edition of Fear of a Black Planet includes the original album, produced by the Bomb Squad and featuring the hit singles "Fight the Power," "Welcome to the Terrordome," and Flavor Flav's "911 Is a Joke." The second disc includes 18 rare bonus mixes, among them, the almost 10 minute-long "Enemy Assault Vehicle Mixx (Medley)," three separate remixes of "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man!"; an uncensored and extended version of "Anti-Ni***r Machine"; instrumental takes on "911 Is a Joke," "Power to the People," "Revolutionary Generation," and "War at 33 1/3," in addition to three separate mixes of "Fight the Power," including the "Flavor Flav Meets Spike Lee" take, featuring Branford Marsalis on sax.

The original LP version of has also been released in a collector's vinyl edition for the first time in 15 years, with a special 'fade to black' 3D lenticular cover that, when turned to the left or right, turns black, with just the band's iconic cross-hairs visible.


A1. "Contract On The World Love Jam (Instrumental)"
A2. "Brothers Gonna Work It Out"
A3. "911 Is A Joke"
A4. "Incident At 66.6 FM [Instrumental]"
A5. "Welcome To The Terrordome"
A6. "Meet the G That Killed Me"
A7. "Pollywanacraka"
A8. "Anti-Nigger Machine"
A9. "Burn Hollywood Burn (featuring Ice Cube)"
A10. "Power To The People"
A11. "Who Stole The Soul?"
A12. "Fear Of A Black Planet"
A13. "Revolutionary Generation"
A14. "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya, Man!"
A15. "Reggie Jax"
A16. "Leave This Off Your Fu*kin Charts (Instrumental)"
A17. "B Side Wins Again"
A18. "War At 33 1/3"
A19. "Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned (Instrumental)"
A20. "Fight The Power"

B1. "Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Remix)"
B2. "Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Dub)"
B3. "Flavor Flav"
B4. "Terrorbeat"
B5. "Welcome To The Terrordome (Terrormental)"
B6. "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Full Rub Mix)"
B7. "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (U.K. 12' Powermix)"
B8. "Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Dub Mixx)"
B9. "Burn Hollywood Burn (Extended Censored Fried To The Radio Version)"
B10. "Anti-Nigger Machine (Uncensored Extended)"
B11. "911 Is A Joke (Instrumental)"
B12. "Power To The People (Instrumental)"
B13. "Revolutionary Generation (Instrumental)"
B14. "War At 33 1/3 (Instrumental)"
B15. "Fight The Power (Soundtrack Version)"
B16. "Fight The Power (Powersax)"
B17. "Fight The Power (Flavor Flav Meets Spike Lee)"
B18. "The Enemy Assault Vehicle Mixx (Medley)"