Cash Money, Baller Blockin' (Limited Edition 2LP)


Ships on: July 18, 2024

The legendary Cash Money Records is one of the most important labels in music history. Cash Money Millionaire's Baller Blockin' is a compilation which features a mix of the hardest rappers of the era, including E-40, UGK, and Nas. Baller Blockin’s major hits include “Project B****“, ”Rover Truck,“ and the UGK staple, ”Family Affair.“ In honor of the 50th Anniversary of hip hop it is being released in limited edition 2LP Lemonade translucent yellow T7 vinyl.

A1. Intro
A2. Baller Blockin
A3. Family Affair
A4. Rover Truck
A5. Skit
B1. Project B!#$h
B2. Ballin' Gs
B3. Thugged Out
B4. Don't Cry

C1. What You Gonna Do
C2. Calling Me Killer
C3. I Got To Go
C4. Whatever
C5. Let Us Stunt
D1. Skit
D2. Milk & Honey
D3. Uptown
D4. I Don't Know
D5. Win or Loose