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EPMD, Unfinished Business (Limited Edition 2LP)



Unfinished Business is the second album from hip-hop duo EPMD. Released August 1, 1989, the album built upon the success of the group's previous album Strictly Business, which was released the previous year. The album is being reissued for the first time in over 20 years, available on limited edition blue vinyl.


A1. "So Wat Cha Sayin'"     
A2. "Total Kaos"
A3. "Get The Bozack"

B1. "Jane II"            
B2. "Please Listen To My Demo"    
B3. "It's Time 2 Party"         
B4. "Who's Booty"

C1. "The Big Payback"        
C2. "Strictly Snappin' Necks"           
C3. "Knick Knack Patty Wack"        

D1. "You Had Too Much To Drink" 
D2. "It Wasn't Me, It Was The Fame"