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  • The Roots, Undun (Limited Edition LP)
  • The Roots, Undun (Limited Edition LP)

The Roots, Undun (Limited Edition LP)

The Roots

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Despite being rap veterans at the time, The Roots maintained a sense of artistic urgency, crafting this conceptual album with a loose narrative that follows UNDUN's imaginary protagonist, Redford Stevens, through a journey of imbalance, self-reflection, and triumph. Couched in an impoverished setting, it is an existential concept album entirely produced by Roots’ drummer Questlove featuring stellar guest features from Big K.R.I.T, Bilal, Phonte, and more, and vocals from the group’s formidable MC, Black Thought. It has been reissued on limited edition smoke color vinyl.


A1. "Dun"
A2. "Sleep"
A3. "Make My" (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw)
A4. "One Time" (feat. Dice Raw & Phonte)

B5. "Kool On" (feat. Greg Porn & Truck North)
B6. "The OtherSide" (feat. Bilal Oliver & Greg Porn)
B7. "Stomp" (feat. Greg Porn)

C1. "Lighthouse" (feat. Dice Raw)
C2. "I Remember"
C3. "Tip The Scale" (feat. Dice Raw)

D4. "Redford" (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)
D5. "Possibility" (2nd Movement)
D6. "Will To Power" (3rd Movement)
D7. "Finality" (4th Movement)