Rakim, The 18th Letter (Limited Edition 2LP)


Ships on: July 19, 2024

The 18th Letter is the debut solo album of American emcee Rakim, released November 4, 1997. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop, this is reissued on limited edition 2LP grape vinyl.

A1. Intro
A2. The 18th Letter (Always And Forever)
A3. Skit
A4. It's Been A Long Time
A5. Remember That
B1. The Saga Begins
B2. Skit
B3. Guess Who's Back
B4. Stay A While

C1. New York (Ya Out There)
C2. Show Me Love
C3. Skit
C4. The Mystery (Who Is God?)
D1. When I'm Flowin
D2. It's Been A Long Time (Suave House Mix)
D3. Guess Who's Back (Alternative Mix)
D4. Outro