Ja Rule, Rule 3:36 (Limited Edition 2LP)


Ships on: July 19, 2024

Rule 3:36 is the second studio album by Ja Rule, originally released in 2000. The album features chart topping singles including "Put It On Me" and "I Cry." For the first time, this 2LP will be available in Ruby vinyl.

A1. Intro
A2. Watching Me
A3. Between Me And You
A4. Put It On Me
B1. 6 Feet Underground
B2. Love Me, Hate Me
B3. Die
B4. Fuck You

C1. I'll Fuck You Girl (Skit)
C2. Grey Box (Skit)
C3. Extasy
C4. It's Your Life
D1. I Cry
D2. One Of Us
D3. Chris Black (Skit)
D4. The Rule Won't Die