Juvenile, 400 Degreez (Limited Edition 2LP)


Ships on: July 18, 2024

400 Degreez is the third studio album by NOLA native rapper Juvenile. The album was released on November 3, 1998 and remains Juvenile's best-selling album of his solo career. According to fans and critics alike, 400 Degreez didn’t just impact the hip-hop scene; it reinvented it.

To celebrate the 26th anniversary of the 4× Platinum RIAA-Certified record this Urban Legends exclusive has been reissued on a limited edition 2LP Orange Crush vinyl.


A1. Intro
A2. Ha
A3. Gone Ride With Me
A4. Flossin' Season
B1. Ghetto Children
B2. Follow Me Now
B3. Cash Money Concert
B4. Welcome 2 Tha Nolia
B5. U.P.T.

C1. Run For It
C2. Ha - Remix Version (Hot Boys)
C3. Rich Niggaz
C4. Back That Azz Up
D1. Off Top
D2. After Cash Money Concert
D3. 400 Degreez
D4. Juvenile On Fire
D5. Ha - Remix Version (Jay-Z)